Why Join the ACA?

By joining a group of 60+ arts and cultural organizations throughout Central Oregon, you or your business/organization take part in the growing collaborative culture of our thriving arts scene.

Creativity does indeed live in Central Oregon!

The Arts & Culture Alliance stimulates creative collaborations in sustaining a robust cultural economy and promotes the cultural identity of Central Oregon, to locals and visitors alike. ACA is increasingly recognized as the voice of the arts in Central Oregon, and as a member, you can contribute to the conversation.


ACA brings together a diverse group of organizations to promote, enhance and expand the area’s arts and culture. Member benefits include:


  • Networking and collaborative opportunities among members in areas such as fundraising, promotion, programming, exhibits and educational outreach;

  • Inclusion as a member of ACA in promotional advertisements and materials;

  • Free or reduced costs for educational seminars targeted to the interests and needs of local arts organizations.

Joining the Arts and Culture Alliance of Central Oregon is simple!

Step 1-  Fill out and mail in your membership form

Step 2- Pay your membership

We accept your payment by check or by online payment

Step 3- Get involved!  Like our social media pages, stay up to date via our blog and newsletter, attend our quarterly meetings

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The Arts and Culture Alliance is a registered 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible.

Tax ID number is available upon request

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