Art in the High Desert Canceled Indefinitely

Artists, Partners, Volunteers, & Friends,

It’s that time of year when Art in the High Desert would normally announce the opening of juried artist applications for the coming year. But things are anything but normal this year.

As the AHD Board looked forward to AHD 2021 we realized there were many unknowns: the state of Covid and the use, efficacy, acceptance of vaccinations; the economy; where our Board members –the working team -are in their lives; our partnerships and volunteers within the community who have been the backbone of AHD; and, finally AHD’s finances as a 501 (c) (3) Public Benefit Corporation.

Given the significant uncertainties and financial challenges, the Board has made the difficult decision to not have the show in 2021.What about beyond 2021?For numerous reasons, the Board, who has successfully led AHD for 12years to national status, will no longer be available to do the hard and necessary work to plan and execute the 2022 show, and beyond. Bottomline: AHD needs a new team to do that.

The Board is looking fora new director who would need to develop a new team (with the past Board’s help). This director will have specific skills that fit into the AHD model: a person who has extensive background as a show artist and/or background in producing top level juried art & craft shows. Our goal is for AHD to continue to be a focused visual fine arts and crafts show& sale,not a street carnival with music, beer & wine gardens, imports, bouncy booths.The new team will need to renew,re-establish, and create new, partnerships and address financing for a paid director position. With the help of a reliable working Board, Carla & Dave Fox have guided AHD, mostly unpaid,as a gift to artists and the Central Oregon community for 12 years. We are hoping to find just the right person or group to pass on AHD. Perhaps a local non-profit? Suggestions are welcome.

The possible demise of Art in the High Desert as a show is met with great sadness by the doubt this will be mirrored by the local community as this has become a much-anticipated and well-attended event with great art being purchased. We also know many artists will be disappointed to lose a show, especially here on the West Coast where great arts shows are few and far between.

Our hope is from out of the misery and destruction of Covid a new and even better AHD will be born. It will be up the local community and artists to find a solution, with help from the AHD Board.Please direct thoughts, questions, suggestions to AHD’s email:

With appreciation, AHD Board:Carla, Dave, Carol, Shari and Darryl

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